Den 27. januar 2022 markeres den internasjonale minnedagen for ofrene for Holocaust. I 2022 er det 77 år siden den enorme utryddelsesleiren Auschwitz-Birkenau ble frigjort av sovjetiske soldater. Først da ble nazistenes grusomheter for alvor avslørt for hele verden. Mer enn 1.1 millioner barn, kvinner … Fortsett å leseAUSCHWITZ-BIRKENAU

The key

© Frank Sandbye-Ruud 2017 There is only one thing in our lives that are absolutely certain. Death. We will all die some day. The means of how we leave this life are as different as there are people on earth. As a soldier in several wars … Fortsett å leseThe key

The Grey Mass

© Frank Sandbye-Ruud 2017 Imagine a small family. A father, a mother, and two small girls, lets say they are 2 and 4 years old. Let’s give them names. The father, who is a great worker, has a limp. He was born with a bone … Fortsett å leseThe Grey Mass