I have made changes to my homepage. First of all, everything will be in English. The main reason for this is my work on the Shoah (Holocaust). Most of the major museums, memorials and archives are in Germany, Poland, UK, Israel and USA, and the only common language is then English.

After I participated in the summer academy of Auschwitz-Birkenau, many of my other contacts are English speaking too.

I have started to give lectures in my experiences from serving in the Army, and my injuries. I am also working with the White Buses of Norway with guiding and lectures. Those are given in Norwegian.

I haven’t given up totally on photography, but I am turning more into documentary than portraits and weddings. Which my page will bear witness of.

Working with and documenting the Shoah (Holocaust) becomes infinitely more and more important. The last survivors are within a few years gone. If we don’t upheld their memories and stories, then Shoah will truly become history and nothing more.

The human race have shown that we don’t have the capacity to learn from history, therefore this is crucial to avoid the atrocities and suffering of the Shoah ever happening again.

The photograph are from the mass graves of the 30 000 POW’s executed from Stalag319 in Chełm.

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